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… it’s time for the feel-bad part.

The dull-witted Kansas public schools superintendent who showed gross negligence not only in hiring the scammer, but in condescendingly and aggressively defending her against his sharp-witted students should, UD believes, resign. He has brought international embarrassment to his district. Even after he was forced to fire the diploma mill grad, he noted, with persistent gullibility, that she “also has a teaching degree from the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England.”

It is clear that the superintendent’s education on matters of credentials is happening much, much too slowly.

He needs to go.

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One Response to “Now that the world has enjoyed the feel-good story of high school students outing their scamming new principal…”

  1. charlie Says:

    when i taught high school, the oregon school districts spent a whole lot of time and resources to enhance the university pr scams. we would hold college enrollment pep rallies, have uni shills come and fire up the kids on the college experience, lambaste the kids with notifications of college paperwork deadlines.

    if this was happening in oregon, then it’s happening all across the nation, including kansas. but the school district that hired this hack proves that all of the university shilling is nothing but low grade bullshit. ms. robertson had no regard for any form of education, yet the bright lights put her in charge of the mechanism that continues the lie of the efficacy of a college degree. this incident underscores the craven hypocrisy of the people who run usaamerican school systems….

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