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Scathing Online Schoolmarm salutes politicians who write simply and directly, and it doesn’t get any more direct than State Rep Peter Schweyer, who has taken the measure of PSU trustee Al “So-Called Victims” Lord and wants him out.

Lord has already said he won’t run for reelection, but that leaves a lot of time in his current term for him to shoot his mouth off on any number of anal-rape-related subjects.


Barking mad big boys on university BOTs are the life blood of this blog, so we will admit to ambivalence at the prospect of a defrocked Lord wandering the Poconos in search of a flock. But we feel confident that Penn State will find someone just like him for his replacement.

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2 Responses to “‘It is incumbent upon all Penn State Alumni to vote this horrible human being out as a trustee.’”

  1. JackOH Says:

    Yeah, trustee Lord ought to go. I can understand the cognitive malfunctioning, though. Who’d want to believe Sandusky operated as a pedophilic recruiter and rapist under multiple institutional covers for a long time? There may be other quasi-victims. I’m thinking trainers and coaches who sort of suspected what McQueary heard, then quietly chucked the Penn State career opportunity for the low-paid coaching gig back home.

  2. Alan Allport Says:

    Poconos? The Alleghenies, shurely.

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