(Sing it with me!)

In a hidden room just the other side of the building
She was held down there givin’ me looks that made me feel guilty
So I started walking away
She was just eight years old that day
And I knew, yes I knew I should leave
When I heard someone say, yeah

Come a little bit closer
We’re just gonna nick
It’ll make us feel better
When we use our pricks
She’s only eight and she’s all alone
And the night is so long

So I started to cut
Ha-ha: I mean nick
When her legs tried to shut
I slashed her real quick
I heard her mother come in and say
“Thank God. She’ll get married this way.”
Then I knew, yes I knew I should run
But I heard her father say, yeah

Come a little bit closer
Make her labia bleed
A much deeper nick
Is just what we need
Use all of your steel
Make sure she can’t feel

Then the voices stopped
When I looked the room was empty
And I heard the FBI say
“Man you know you’re in trouble plenty”
So I dropped my knife from my hand
Through the window I ran
And as I rode away
I could hear the FBI say

Come a little bit closer
We’ll capture you quick
You’re going to prison
For that little nick
You’re all alone
And the trial will be long


(Written in honor of the upcoming trial.)

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