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Sentences that Make UD Laugh Out Loud.

This one is about the world’s richest person.

At an early age, he displayed mechanical aptitude — as a toddler, he dismantled his crib with a screwdriver.

Margaret Soltan, July 27, 2017 2:05PM
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3 Responses to “Sentences that Make UD Laugh Out Loud.”

  1. David Foster Says:

    There’s also the Bezos approach to wife-selection…one of his stated criteria was ‘a woman who could get me out of a third-world prison’


  2. charlie Says:

    So his parents gave him screwdrivers to dismantle his crib. But no mention of when he was potty trained. I’m guessing while Bezos was tearing apart furniture, his mom still changed his diaper. Any real mom would have said if you’re so tool handy, handle your own body functions.

    You gots to love Wiki bios…

  3. Your Sister Frances Says:

    Sounds like our brother, but he didn’t need no stinkin’ screwdrivers.

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