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Lordy, Lordy. Maybe there IS a bottom at the University of Louisville.

Can they really have fired Rick Pitino?

And how many millions (buyout/defamation suit/other miscellaneous legal shit) is it going to cost them, now that much of UL’s endowment has been allegedly picked off by its last president?


And the capo di tutt’i capi too????

More buyout millions.


To recap: The board of trustees is about to sue the last president of the university and some of his comrades in – er – missing fundism to try to get some – er – missing funds back from them. The eyes of the world, the Justice Department, and the FBI, are upon their indescribably filthy sports program. They’ve just fired their famous basketball coach and their athletic director. They can expect humongous lawsuits from them. They can also expect various sports business deals to collapse and cost them more millions. They can expect enrollment to drop like a stone, along with attendance at basketball and football games. They’ve got some desperate nonentity in there as interim president to handle all of this.

Time for UL to apply for federal disaster aid.


[Pitino’s lawyer Steven] Pence promises that [the University of Louisville] ‘won’t fire Pitino without a bare-knuckle fight’….

According to Pence, Louisville would be in a legal fight over $44 million it would owe Pitino as part of his buyout clause.

Pitino’s always baring himself. A bare-knuckle fight; a bare-ass restaurant meal

Margaret Soltan, September 27, 2017 11:08AM
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2 Responses to “Lordy, Lordy. Maybe there IS a bottom at the University of Louisville.”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    I take it as a very good sign that the trustees are losing confidence in the ability of the NCAA’s invertebrates to ignore this, and they see the death penalty as a real possibility. Let’s exercise a little latter-day institutional control!

  2. Bernard Carroll Says:

    Why are we not surprised?

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