[T]wo vectors [are] colliding [at WSU] – football excellence and flagrant overspending. [So] WSU is at a crossroads. It will have to decide whether… any football expense is justifiable, or [whether it will] take another road, where some level of sanity and perspective about the role of sports within an institution of knowledge is regained… [WSU needs to decide if it wants] sports to occupy a place in the hierarchy of university priorities that is a bit less insane.

You better believe ol’ UD is just on the edge of her seat wondering which way Washington State University will go! I’m sure you are too! What a nail-biter!

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One Response to “State of the University Report: Washington State”

  1. charlie Says:

    UD, reconfigure yourself on that there chair. I’ll answer the question for youse. WSU spent $61 million on a new football facility. No clutching at reality in Pullman any time soon….

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