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A lawsuit filed on Oct. 2 in Manhattan federal court against [Columbia University] and the historian, William V. Harris, 79, an expert on Greco-Roman history, said Dr. Harris repeatedly forced himself on [a female graduate student] and belittled her when she rejected his advances… Dr. Harris, the complaint said, … once forced her against his office desk and kissed her. He once put his mouth on her breast, the complaint said, and explicitly asked her for sexual intercourse on numerous occasions.

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One Response to “Greco-Roman Wrestling at Columbia University”

  1. charlie Says:

    Let’s see now. Columbia pays $1 million dollar fine for taking kickbacks from grifting loan originators.
    They employ some creep who can’t keep his tounge outta non compliant female’s mouths. What’s next, The Harvey Weinstein Chair in Women’s Studies?

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