Watch closely.

[New South Wales] is planning for the likelihood that its new $700 million Allianz Stadium will be more than half-empty most of the time

There are only three events that might draw more than a half-full crowd to the new stadium (and there’s no guarantee that its other events will fill even half of it), and Allianz will be competing to host those three with other, and in some respects superior, venues.

NSW plans to rebuild Allianz with two seating plans: a championship mode for the full 45,000-seat capacity and a “club” mode for only 30,000 where the upper stands will be blocked by a large advertising and information screen.

See how it’s done, every public university in the south? You simply block that vast empty acreage with vast advertising screens — a significant enhancement of the fan experience, for what fan doesn’t pant with excitement at the prospect of inescapable miles and miles of shrieking advertisements?

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2 Responses to “Attention, American Universities! Australia is Showing You How to Keep Spending Your Money on Sports Even Though None of Your Students Attends Games.”

  1. adam Says:

    Shrieking is the right word – and self-important shrieking at that.

  2. charlie Says:

    UD, explain how us males intuitively know that women will only love us if we get them jewlerey, make them life insurance beneficiaries, Jack Daniels drinkers, SUV drivers and bearers of slender thighs? Gotta have those shrieking ads for us lugs to get it…,

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