If this horrible man gets his way and makes fraternities illegal throughout the state of Tennessee, say goodbye to butt chugging. You won’t have anal enemaists to kick around any more.

Yes, say goodbye to lengthy press conferences like this one, offering precise details about what it’s like when fraternities full of drunk teenagers “introduc[e] alcohol into the rectum and colon via the anus.”

Farewell, golden college days…

No, that’s the wrong color. That’s the color when they make pledges lie down and then they piss all over them, and then they make them sit up and drink piss.

Farewell, russet college days.

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One Response to “Ave Atque Vale, Butt Chugging!”

  1. charlie Says:

    Comedian David Brenner said the bravest man in history was the first guy who drank milk. The fellow must have said to his fellow cave dwellers, “See that four legged thing over there? I’m going to up to whatever it is underneath it, squeeze real hard, and whatever comes out, I am gonna drink it!”

    Dave would need to change his mind after this butt chugging phenomena. Whoever was the first guy who said he was gonna reverse the traditional flow of Jack Daniel had to be a real hero..

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