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With Spring Break just on its way, and with fond memories of Spring Breaks past (oh wait: that was Father’s Day), it’s downright ominous that yet another merchant is restricting our right to bear arms.

The only way to stop a bad baby with a gun is with a good baby with a gun, and they’re taking guns out of the hands of our babies.

Freedom’s Safest Place right now lies at the frontline of the battle against collectivism: America’s mentally ill babies.


That’s why UD (and his outraged lawyers) is so bummed that a judge refuses to let Alwin Chen out of jail before his trial. Who’s going to protect Clarksburg High School (not far from UD‘s house) now that wee Alwin – just eighteen years old and knee-high to a grasshopper, bless him! – isn’t, every day of the school year, bringing his loaded Glock (and a knife) to school?

Alwin’s dad is a YUUUUGE gun (and larger weaponry) lover (they even live – I kid you not – on Gunner’s Lane) and has passed down his vast arsenal to his bouncing baby boy, who wants to kill people just the way his comic book heroes do (read Alwin’s journals).

The only comfort UD takes in our local children’s protector being (temporarily) out of commission is her confidence that there are a dozen or more lads at Clarksburg High just like him.

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