Wotta shocker when these high-quality courses generate systemic cheating! Massive numbers of foreign students, few of whom exist in the physical universe, a professor who doesn’t bother showing up for exams…

And that’s ain’t all, folks. Turns out cheating is everywhere in the University of Regina’s engineering program – faculty as well as students – and reading about all the efforts to break into professors’ offices to get the exams, to hack the system and change grades, to bribe TAs to get, er, special assistance… And then there are the professors stealing their students’ work … It’s quite something.

But the school is on it! For instance, it has sent out a message to all students asking them not to cheat. Plus any day now it intends to deploy shock troops to show up on exam days and take a serious look around.


UD thanks Jack.

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One Response to “‘There are more than 200 students in the class ENGG 401 – Law and Professionalism. More than half of the enrolled students don’t attend the lectures; they just show up for the exams. The professors post their lecture notes online for the students.’”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    It is a shame that engineering faculty seem to be the only ones in academia still enforcing rules about cheating. It means that most academic integrity cases involve engineering classes, even though engineering student are not any more prone to cheating than in other disciplines.

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