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God is My Broker.

Some stories write themselves.

Actually, what you’ve probably learned from reading UD all these years is that almost all stories write themselves, because human beings are limited creatures and the number of plots (conundrums) they can create for themselves is therefore also strictly limited.


The profoundly pious get rich quick crook who finally gets picked up by the police and carted away to make room for the next profoundly etc. is such an old story.

Specifically, twas ever thus: Credulous grasping god-fearing dolts find a charismatic spiritual/financial advisor who writes best-sellers with titles like The Gospel of Good Success and Entrepreneurial Faith.

The particular guy in question today even has a degree from (wait for it) the Wharton School! (Feast your eyes on America’s Richest Source of Financial Criminals.) He allegedly sold

$3.4 million worth of pre-revolutionary Chinese bonds, which were in default, to the “vulnerable and elderly.”

Southern Methodist U., one of the most pious and dirtiest universities around, had the dude on their board of trustees until recently. They dodged a bullet on that one. Maybe they knew something before the feds did — though, in fairness, they could have told the world about it and maybe spared the vulnerable and elderly their full measure of exploitation.


But anyway. Another high-toned man of god will be stepping up to the podium soon. It’s a never-ending story.

Margaret Soltan, March 30, 2018 11:36AM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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