… these are the holdouts, the strenuously, stubbornly, principled schools that will NOT revoke Bill Cosby’s honorary degree. There may be other schools as well, but UD is only aware of these three.

Even Temple University, which has been Cosby’s whore for decades, just revoked his degree.

And you know what else? The United States of America will not revoke his degree. Or, uh, medal. President Obama long ago said no can do. And why?

There’s no “precedent.” We have no “mechanism.” In this oure antient lande, one may not change that which hath already beene done.


Awright awready! We’re looking into it! Sheesh!


That ol’ can-do, American, spirit.

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One Response to “Yale, Boston College, Northwestern…”

  1. Keith Says:

    My alma mater has revoked Cosby’s degree. I’m grateful.


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