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In a new series, UD will acquaint you with her world, Washington, DC.

Here’s a representative denizen, a fellow Metro passenger this afternoon.

Let me start with what you can’t see: His lapel boasts a large circular button identifying his membership in some political organization – NRA maybe. He doesn’t look like an ACLU type.


Actually, to UD’s majorly practiced eye, he doesn’t look like a DC resident. He looks like a heartlander in town for a conference (note the luggage).

You also can’t see that his tie is a big splash of red white and blue.

He is young yet portly.


Now to electronics.

Note that his headset phone’s red circle is all lit up cuz he’s just received a call. The bright circle of red goes around and around and around until he starts talking. Let’s listen in.

Hi yeah. Can’t do it until end of next week after the membership meeting. Now? I’m on the Washington metro to the airport. … Did you get a chance to read that report? Can you believe that stuff? We need to draft a response. Get Betty on it.

He is texting while talking.

Margaret Soltan, May 8, 2018 4:01PM
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  1. dmf Says:

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    NBC News: In a new statement (their third) Novartis says they paid $1.2 million to Michael Cohen, had one meeting with him and determined he would be “unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US healthcare policy matters.”

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