… Nebraska, which just loved him, and which still loves him. Like Johnny Manziel, Richie was lionized during his college years even though everyone could see he was all fucked up.

Jock schools can’t get enough of broad-shouldered psychotics cuz they make the best plays, and these schools are certainly not in the business of noticing that their hotly-recruited wrecks are sick in the head and in need of help.

And then it’s on to the pros for these shambling bohemoths, for more fun basket-case-voyeurism. We’ve even got Richie’s latest paranoid attack and collapse on tape.

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2 Responses to “This blog has been watching Richie Incognito go off the rails since his glory days at …”

  1. dmf Says:

    hmm paranoid rants about FBI surveillance sounds all too familiar these days…

  2. AYY Says:

    DMF, If it’s true it’s not paranoid. Then again maybe the FBI was there to protect him.
    UD, why are you still following Richie Incognito when you could be posting about Northwestern’s new football stadium? The blog is called University Diaries not Richie Incognito diaries. He’s not affiliated with any college at this point. If he’s like most of the other NFL players doing bizarre things, we can assume he’s been hit in the head too many times.

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