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Ignorant religious fanatics aren’t a good look for a democracy. But Israel (see the above absurd statement) lacks the will to mandate its mandate.

The level of haredi education is terribly low,” [Nobel Prize-winning] Professor Dan Shechtman [said], adding that he viewed the haredi education system as inferior to that of Iran.

Piling on to the absurdity are the lawsuits from various ex-haredim who enter the actual world unable to do shit, let alone get a reasonably good job.

Last year, a judge dismissed a lawsuit by young ex-haredim who left the stringent and non-Zionist Orthodox community who had sought damages from haredi educational institutions and the State of Israel for failing to provide them with the necessary education to function in the secular world.

Sorry, kids. Israel decided to pant after the most primitive forms of Judaism. Enjoy.

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