‘Course, ‘family friendly,’ in the heart of the heart of the southland, might not be exactly what a coastal elite like UD would envision…

Truth be told, Jewish blueish UD has never, after all these years blogging about them, been able to make much sense of red-state tailgating qua tailgating; and the latest documentary evidence from Ole Miss hasn’t helped her along any.

I mean, before we go to the tape, and before we consider tailgating as such: Is it family friendly to break pretty much every NCAA rule? Repeatedly? Is the school’s last football coach, super-Christian Hugh Freeze, with his staggering lies and corruption, and his, uh, sexual issues, family friendly? Was the school’s large-scale racist rally after Obama won the presidency family-friendly?

Okay, and is an “all-out brawl” at the school’s last tailgate family friendly?

UD acknowledges that everyone in the video is well-dressed. She acknowledges a preponderance of chinos and polo shirts. This models, in a family-friendly way, good personal grooming for the next generation. But what are the children at the tailgate making of grown men, drunk out of their minds in the middle of the day in public, smashing each others’ faces bloody to the rattle of a thousand giant red plastic alcohol cups?


I wonder if Ole Miss wonders why attendance at its games is tanking. Maybe this Ole Miss student can explain it.

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One Response to “‘[The University of Mississippi] athletic foundation’s assistant director of development … said the tailgating experience wasn’t set up to earn money but to provide a family-friendly [experience].’”

  1. dmf Says:

    I don’t go to the games and the stadium isn’t on campus so I see elements of the extended tailgating (takes up many parking lots) and the pilgrimage and the fashion trend among undergrads (mostly sorority types) is tons of makeup (here the midwest is like the south), bared midriffs, and daisyduke shorts and I do wonder when the suburban parents bring their young daughters what they make of these tipsy role models?

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