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which he proudly lists on his web page, but neither that long-ago spoof award nor many bright red flags since then have attracted the attention of serious scientists to his methods (Fold six retractions into seven retractions; mix briskly.).

Now, as the Cornell paper reports, things are on the boil for Professor Wansink. Once Cornell has concluded its review of his research, it will call a … Wansink Conference, announcing its results.


Mix all thirteen retractions together and… voila!

Retraite Forcé avec Urgence.

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One Response to “His bullshit claims about endless bowls of soup won a 2007 IgNobel …”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    Sorry, UD. Wansink’s work is settled science. Holding otherwise would mean that Michelle, Barack, and an administration full of the most geniusy self-proclaimed geniuses in the history of the world were fooled by a garden-variety fraud and huckster. It’s time to stop attacking the illustrious Dr. Wansink so that America’s schools can get back to the business of preparing and serving inedible food that kids won’t eat.

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