Instead of lying through his teeth about it forever, Jerome Allen has decided to admit that he took mucho money and goodies from stinky Philip Esformes to lie about the basketball skills of stinky’s son so the son could get admitted to U Penn. Once safely at Penn, the kid’s lack of basketball skills immediately rendered him useless to the team; but meanwhile, there he was, at Penn.

He’s a senior now, and, the story of his fraudulent admission having broken, is maybe embarrassed. But when your father’s about to go on trial for the largest welfare fraud in history, his having bought your admission to college probably doesn’t loom that large.


Penn’s own coverage worries about “a confirmed instance where bribery benefitted a student’s admission into the University.”

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2 Responses to “Well, that’s refreshing.”

  1. Polish Peter Says:

    The DP concern is pretty rich considering the development cases that an Ivy admission office has to deal with. Pretty pathetic all the way around.

  2. john Says:

    That was my reaction as well…

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