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Launch — in the blackest starriest sky, with Leonids streaking down on the Chesapeake, and ol’ UD thrilled speechless. On a little bluff beyond the oyster-cage-strewn Chincoteague harbor, with twenty or so other excited people, we gazed at the meteors and the galaxies and the high-lit Wallops blast-off site across the water. Even the dogs people brought were quiet; we held our binoculars and steadied our tripods and except for the occasional goose all was still.

A clustering of white clouds at the base suddenly; then a gold lozenge lifting into the ether, arching over our heads and disappearing as it shed its segments. Only when this stage was accomplished, when the invisibility trick worked, did everyone applaud and cheer.

We felt our ways back to our cars, to the honk of hundreds of indignant geese.

Photo: UD‘s sister.

Margaret Soltan, November 17, 2018 10:31AM
Posted in: snapshots from assateague

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  1. dmf Says:

    sounds like the making of a poem, I can think of some people we could blast into space:

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