Ashim Mitra, University of Missouri, joins this remarkable crew of slave-drivers, professors for whom students represent little more than indentured servants.

Because he pulled in lots of grant money, and because … well, he’s Indian and I guess it’s his way and who are we to judge his behavior by American standards … Mitra got away with enslaving his students for decades.

A long article about the dude gives you all sorts of insight into his sweet disposition. When a colleague called him on [his] behavior at a faculty meeting, “Mitra … called … the campus police to expel [the colleague] from [the] meeting.”

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4 Responses to “Cynthia Chang, Daniel Tao.. . and now we have a new name to enter into the professor-as-human-trafficker hall of fame.”

  1. dmf Says:

  2. charlie Says:

    @DMF, thanks so much for the link. A group of us here in Oregonhave been fighting against the passage of billions of dollars in bonds for new school buildings at the purchasing of “technology.” When school boards are confronted in order to explain the efficacy of construction and electronic teaching, we’re told that it’s needed to maintain an computer savvy workforce. On closer inspection, that supposed innovation is nothing but the old curriculums slapped into a computer. The students have said the same as what the students in your linked article are saying. It doesn’t work and it shouldn’t be a substitute for an actual teacher…

  3. dmf Says:

    my pleasure charlie, yes this “On closer inspection, that supposed innovation is nothing but the old curriculums slapped into a computer” is the trend, all the ‘innovation’ is on the administrative side and not to good effects:

  4. charlie Says:

    dmf, the link is remarkable. The author made the connection between the corporate success at destroying worker’s control of their labor and the implementation of electronic classrooms. All that’s happened is to make teachers/professors redundant, without any product improvement.,,

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