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So maybe it’s a bit of a footnote to the big fat endless domestic abuse story in professional football, but University Diaries remains amazed at the failure of universities to delete webpages boasting about their luck in having recruited men who beat women. Way back in high school, coaches knew Kareem Hunt was bad news; despite his amazing game skills, mainstream universities wouldn’t take him, and he ended up at the University of Toledo, where, judging by his hero’s page, he remains a god.

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  1. dmf Says:

    “In October, the NCAA completed its investigation into the sexual assault scandal at Baylor University’s athletic department, two years after the story broke. The NCAA cited Baylor with one of its most serious charges, saying that there was a “lack of institutional control” at the university, and now the school is waiting to see if the NCAA will decide to shut down the college football program. While this is an important step for the NCAA, advocates for sexual assault victims say that the organization has not gone far enough. For our ongoing “Petitions Series,” Cody McDavis, (37:02) a UCLA law student and a managing editor of the UCLA Law Review, joins us to discuss a petition on change.org that he created a month ago. The petition calls on the NCAA’s Power Five Conference Commissioners to ban student-athletes with a history of violence from their conferences. Brenda Tracy, who runs the nonprofit Set The Expectation, which is dedicated to combating sexual and physical violence in college athletics, also joins McDavis.”

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