Louisville, expecting to find – I don’t know, another standard-issue striving southern school – I was stunned by its special quality of debasement, by the absence of even lip-service in the direction of intellect and integrity. τον αθλητισμό και τον αυτο-εμπλουτισμό (Sport and Self-Enrichment) seemed its motto, as administrators stole whatever money they could get their hands on while hiring psychos to coach the guys. Louisville indeed was basically a Greek university (steal everything) with teams.

UL’s in one of its mopping up phases at the moment, trying to figure out how not to be stupid and corrupt while at the same time trying to recover some funds from … well, from lots of people, starting with its last president, who set up quite the clever scheme to reward himself and cronies with all the money that should have been going to the coach… I mean… to the students? … professors? … But the last sicko coach, whose … non-standard… recruitment and retention methods led to his firing, is suing the school for tens of millions of dollars; and of course the prez is doing absolutely everything he possibly can to harass the school and make it give up its lawsuit against him.

It’s quite an edifying spectacle, higher-thought-wise — a university spending all its time and money keeping the football games (no one goes to the games — too grossed out) going and the suits and countersuits humming. Prez tried to get the whole thing dismissed (too vague, he said), which didn’t work; then he actually tried to make it so UL had to pay his legal costs which haha also didn’t work but you know it gummed stuff up a little more so maybe Jimbo would die down at one of his many Florida McMansions (financed with UL money) at some point during pre-trial proceedings or whatever…

Jimbo Ramsey-wise, when things were good, they were very good.

Former University of Louisville President James Ramsey resigned under pressure a mere 27 days into the 2016-17 fiscal year, but he was still the nation’s highest-paid public college president that year, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Chronicle, which maintains a database of compensation received by chief executives of public and private colleges, reported this week that Ramsey was paid about $4.3 million that fiscal year — more than any of the other 250 top executives for public colleges and systems included in its review.

Ramsey made millions despite stepping down as U of L’s president on July 27, 2016, less than a month after the fiscal year began on July 1.

Don’t get no better than that, baby! Don’t get no better! Let’s see Jimbo’s successor clean up like that! Let’s just see her try!

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