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East Carolina’s classy football program – its larger athletic program – is beginning to piss off a generous alumnus. He shares his contempt for the deficit-ridden, student-soaking institution in a letter to the campus newspaper.

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One Response to “‘This meeting was held because I kept asking how Athletics deficits were being funded. Because I continue to ask questions about ECU finances, my access to senior management has been cut off by the Chancellor…’”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    A decade or so ago, our trustees drew a line in the sand about the maximum percentage of the university budget that the athletics deficit could be.

    Athletics exceeded that two years later. The trustees drew another line in the sand. Athletics blew through that the following year.

    Then, rather than continuing to molest the sand, they simply averted their gaze. Pay any price, bear any burden, etc., etc.

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