It’s a hugely popular sport.


Why does Saudi Arabia go to such lengths to enslave its women? Given its contempt for them, its insistence on hiding their vileness from sight under veils and in houses, why not follow that instinct out logically and let them go (there’s what UD calls a “Jane Drain” happening there, with lots of high-profile female escapes from the magic kingdom — hence the popularity of the new female-passport-tracking app).

I mean, let’s say roughly ten percent of Saudi women enjoy wearing blankets in the desert, adore being secured under surveillance in their houses and allowed out only under male custody… wouldn’t have it any other way… So … from this population you derive your vaginas and wombs so that sexual pleasure and procreation may proceed. If you need more of this, you import it from countries where there’s a market in women who in exchange for money will throw on all the black shit and go out and rent their uteri.

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  1. theprofessor Says:

    I believe that Apple and Google will get around to doing something about this after they complete their censorship deals with China, perfect their Orange Man Bad algos, and donate a few million to Croackajawea, Kamala, Amy, and the Rodham-Fury. There are only so many hours in the day, after all.

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