Professor Bishop, like the Aurora mass shooter, opened fire shortly after she learned of her termination (at the University of Alabama); and like the Aurora shooter she did the deed during a meeting with colleagues. And like the Aurora shooter, she had quite the violence/mental illness history (she sent bombs to perceived enemies; she shot her brother to death) and should never have had access to a gun. How much of the scary criminal background of these two employees did the university and the factory know about?

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  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    The authorities vetting the Aurora shooter’s application for an ownership card messed up. [A] background check failed to show a 1995 aggravated assault conviction in Mississippi. I’m not sure how the authorities follow up, short of a police state. “Martin was able to keep his gun despite losing his permit, raising questions about what, if anything, the state did to get him to relinquish it.”

    There’s also a civil liberties challenge in passing information about a man’s criminal record on to employers. “Martin, 45, was no stranger to police in Aurora, where he had been arrested six times over the years for what Ziman described as ‘traffic and domestic battery-related issues’ and for violating an order of protection.”

    Thus No indication shooter would become violent after being fired.

    A minute of silence before the start of each Northern Illinois home basketball game on Saturday, as well as one before the Blackhawks home hockey game that night.

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