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“Shame on Jussie Smollett for putting American hoax actors out of business by hiring Nigerians to do it.”

Humor means we’re getting over it. Good.

Margaret Soltan, February 19, 2019 7:32AM
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4 Responses to ““Shame on Jussie Smollett for putting American hoax actors out of business by hiring Nigerians to do it.””

  1. theprofessor Says:

    The now and future trajectory of this story:

    1) Jussie was lynched by MAGA AmeriKKKan racists and homophobes. Orange Man Bad!

    2) Jussie was so traumatized by PTSD (Pathological Trump Stress Disorder) that his disease forced him to do this. Orange Man Bad! (this is the emerging narrative of our local liberal community)

    3) Jussie is a brave member of The Resistance who committed an act of civil disobedience to highlight the fact that even if MAGA racist homophobes are not stalking the streets of Chicago at 2 AM in frigid weather looking for affluent gay POCs to beat up, somewhere in Trump’s Amerikkka, they are. Orange Man Bad!

    4) This is old news, so let’s get back to proving that Julie Swetnick was indeed assaulted by Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, and Clarence Thomas sometime between 1975-1990 some place between Miami and Boston. Orange Man Bad!

  2. UD Says:

    I hear you, tp, but I’m gonna bet you’re wrong. Already in the wee hours of this event plenty of high profile civil rights people were skeptical and saying that he should have the book thrown at him if he did it. You’re describing a fringe element.

  3. charlie Says:

    It’s no longer journalism, it’s theatre. Low grade and cheaply made, as well. Reality programming created the model in that contrived nonsense can be deemed genuine, and it cost so very little to manufacture. CNN trots out talking heads to parse the words of political actors, and pays them nothing to fill the screen time. If networks no longer get the same amount of ad revenue as a decade ago, then production costs must be cut. Wall building, porn queens bedding rich guys, celebrity miscues, become news worthy due to the fact they require a minimum of resources to produce….

  4. theprofessor Says:

    The impeccably liberal Mrs. TP is already at Stage 4. Admittedly, as Reagan used to say, she’s so far left she’s left America.

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