… does it have to be this dumb?

Charles Swift, Muthana’s lawyer … [said the withdrawal of her citizenship is] “incredibly terrifying. .. If they can do this to Hoda, they can do it to anyone.

Yes! Beware! For any of us could fall in love with these men and their cause:

Research centres such as the one I lead at King’s College London (the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation) archived millions of pieces of output from foreign fighters who cheered attacks in the West. When one occurred, they agitated for more. They celebrated the beheadings of Western hostages such as the American journalist James Foley. His death followed months of agonising torture, which included beatings and waterboarding. Foreign fighters mocked and belittled the sexual slavery of Yazidi women, the detention of their children, and murder of their menfolk.

Hoda Is Us!

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One Response to “I know lawyers have to say all sorts of dumb shit on behalf of their clients, but..”

  1. David Foster Says:

    William Joyce (“Lord Haw-Haw”), who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Germany during WWII, was not tried by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Rather, as a British subject, he was tried for treason in that country. His defense argued that as an American citizen and naturalized German, he could not be convicted of treason against the British crown. However, that argument was not accepted, and he was executed in January 1946.

    Is there any reason why the same approach should not be taken in this case?

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