Well, the hit piece is out, and though my threats seem to have watered it down a bit (no reference to my penchant for nude beaches), it’s still plenty nasty, painting me as a legal whore/publicity hound/status obsessive who might be guilty of sex trafficking.

Dershowitz, according to longtime friends, has an enduring fascination with fame, society, and wealth. Charles Fried, a distinguished jurist who taught with Dershowitz at Harvard Law School, told me, “If you get a chance to go to fancy places with lots of rich people and fly around on private planes – I think he probably finds that hard to resist.”

That makes me sound superficial. Do you know what Jeffrey Epstein read in prison?

While he was in jail, a friend asked what he was reading.  ‘De Profundis,’ he replied, referring to the letter Oscar Wilde wrote from prison to his lover Lord Alfred Douglas.

From the depths! From the depths! I’m attracted to wealth, sure; but my wealthy friends are deep.

Okay. So this from Lawrence Tribe.

“He revels in taking positions that ultimately are not just controversial but pretty close to indefensible.”

What? Like female genital mutilation? Someone has to defend the cutters – if we let the feds come after infant clits, the next thing you know they’ll be coming after infant foreskins.

Nancy Gertner:

“He has squandered his position as a Harvard law professor and a civil libertarian – for the sole purpose of being on TV.”

See the Fried comment above. I’m certainly not squandering it solely to be on tv. There’s money and status at stake.

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