At the ridiculously young age of eighteen, a granddaughter of Robert Kennedy, Saoirse Kennedy-Hill, wrote a strong and confident opinion piece about her experience of depression.

Now, four years later, she has died of a drug overdose at the Kennedy compound. Her death will draw more attention to the opioid/overdose crisis among young Americans.

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One Response to “‘If someone confides in you [about their depression], try not to say, “It’s all in your mind,” or “lighten up,” or, my personal favorite, “Happiness is a choice.” No, it’s really not. When I’m in a really bad place, I do my best to surround myself with positive people and upbeat music, but too often it feels as if I’m drowning in my own thoughts, while everyone else seems to be breathing comfortably.’”

  1. David Foster Says:

    In his superb autobiography, Tom Watson Jr of IBM wrote vividly about the severe depression that afflicted him when he was about 12. Although he didn’t say so, I got the impression that the depression was at least in part because of the feeling that *his life was pre-planned in advance*…(while his parents had never told him explicitly what he was intended to do, the sense of expectation he had was nevertheless strong). If it had not been for the emergence of his interest in aviation and his military service, I suspect his life would have been not very happy or successful.

    I wonder if something similar could apply to Kennedys.

    Father, Son, & Company

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