Once a year I’m lyin’ here
Stuck in a
firing line
Momma’s pissed herself with fear
And the kids begin to whine
I see the cops I’m all worn out
All I can do is pray
I paid ten bucks
To park my truck and watch the bullets spray

    If you ask me why I go
   I would answer I don’t know
  Maybe we’ll stop going there
  Next year oh god forbid
   They’ll maybe kill my kid
   That hot, cheesy, way sleazy
   My Minnesota State Fair

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2 Responses to “Singalong, My Minnesota State Fair”

  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    The fairgrounds are maybe a mile from the state capitol in St. Paul. Urban neighborhood, close to what used to be the industrial base of the Cities (grain elevators, flour mills, railyards) and now subject to the stresses that often arise in such environments.

    The fair itself makes an effort to appeal to the Prairie Home Companion, hipster set, it’s a different sort of show in a different setting than what you’d find in Nebraska or Illinois or even Wisconsin, where the fairgrounds are also in an urban neighborhood.

  2. Stephen Karlson Says:

    There’s more on this story at Power Line, which is a political weblog based in Minnesota. The fight in question was a rumble among residents of that stressed environment who lived close to the fairgrounds.

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