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‘These charges will shock the conscious of a nation.’

Luckily for Elizabeth Warren supporters (UD is one of them), no one around here is conscious.

The charge is that the old gal is still so hot she attracted a strapping twelve year old (no – double that – a 24 year old) Marine to her bed – news that UD welcomes (I mean, would welcome… It’s … to use Trubu’s favorite word, bullshit), since old gals like UD love to hear about smokin hot old gals. Unfortunately, in this particular case, Warren will turn out not to share Trubu’s predilection for extremely young flesh.

Margaret Soltan, October 3, 2019 1:35PM
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One Response to “‘These charges will shock the conscious of a nation.’”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    In keeping with Crockajawea’s ethical standards, only 1/1024th of the story needs to be true. If the Marine in question ever had sex with a human female, that would be close enough. As it is, he offered approximately as much verifiable evidence as Prof. Blasey offered against the beast Kavanaugh.

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