How do you solve a problem like McMansions?
Cavernous shells impossible to sell?
Rent them all out for huge illegal parties
Making the life of those around them hell

Price is eight hundred daily for the trashing
Don't give a thought to local rules and regs
Jam all the folks and weaponry you want to
Plenty of room for super jumbo kegs

Everyone lies, the owner and the renter
Neighbors complain but town officials suck:
"We won't do shit, but here's a little wisdom:
When bullets start flying the best thing to do is duck."

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One Response to “How do you solve a problem like McMansions?”

  1. Ravi Narasimhan Says:

    Times must have changed. I grew up within 10-15 miles of Orinda and knew and visited people who lived there. I remember it as tastefully upscale, good-sized but not gigantic homes hidden behind trees and lots of yard.

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