They never wanted him as president at Jackson State; but students, faculty, and alumni were overruled and had him forced on them, no doubt for many corrupt reasons, this being public education in the state of Mississippi. But of course they were right not to want him, and now, after his arrest for soliciting a prostitute, giving the police a false name, and possessing marijuana, JSU must yet again search for a president. It has had a long string of these; all flame out quickly, though none as dramatically as this latest guy.

This latest guy presents himself in every possible forum as so jesusy there’s no one more jesusy. It’s all God God God God God from this guy; and UD wishes – she really wishes – people would begin to intuit a possible connection between excess jesusism and bein’ bad.

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One Response to “It ain’t the fuckywucky. It ain’t the dope. It’s the hypocrisy.”

  1. charlie Says:

    UD, in all fairness, Jesus hung out with prostitutes, went so far as to make Mary Magdalene his BFF.

    Why did this clown have to be the pres of an HBCU? Those institutions have enough bad press, they don’t need some scripture spouting Elmer Gantry impersonator…

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