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2 Responses to “‘He pulled all the levers — the Hannity and Limbaugh disinformation machine — but in the end, even they couldn’t hide the mounting numbers of the sick and the dead. He tried to sell the market on his inverted reality — and this time, the attempt to create reality didn’t quite work, as the market cratered. Epidemics are like that. They are reality at its edgiest. This one finally called the con man’s bluff.’”

  1. theprofessor Says:

    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, 3/2

    on 3/1

    on 2/28 (because bringing your own virus-laden bags is the wave of the future)

    on 2/26

  2. TAFKAU Says:

    So, things Gov. Cuomo did:

    1. Apparently underestimate the threat of COVID-19.
    2. Something about plastic bags.

    Things Gov. Cuomo did not do:

    1. Dismantle the government’s pandemic response team.
    2. Try to convince people that an unproven medical treatment was the answer to all our problems.
    3. Threaten governors that he would withhold aid to their states if they said mean things about him.
    4. Suggest on *March 24* that the country should fully re-open for business by Easter Sunday.
    5. Seek advice for dealing with COVID-19 from Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

    There is a big difference between miscalculating and willfully spreading lies and disinformation.

    Also, something something about plastic bags.

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