“When I asked my former husband why he had this done, he literally said: ‘So that she doesn’t get turned on,'” she says.

Two snapshots from an article about an upcoming FGM trial in god-forsaken Ingushetia, Russian Federation. A woman’s ex-husband secretly had their nine-year-old daughter held down by four strangers while another stranger sliced off her genitals.

Bravo, says the leading mufti.

Maybe the doctor who performed it will get a fine or something, which is I guess about as much as one might expect. Given local depravity.

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One Response to “‘Ismail Berdiyev, a leading mufti from the North Caucasus, said several years ago that [Female Genital Mutilation] should be carried out on “all women,” to reduce “depravity.”‘”

  1. JND Says:

    If I were to write what I’m thinking about the people who do this . . . .

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