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“I want to assure you that we are aware of yesterday’s shocking news concerning your teacher this semester, Prof. Jessica Krug. I know that many of you are deeply shaken and angered by Prof. Krug’s confession and questioning whether you can remain in her class. While I am unable to offer you any specifics at this time, we are working to see if the classes can continue this semester without Prof. Krug as the instructor.”

The chair of GW’s history department does the right thing – contacts students who signed up for her courses, writes openly about the situation, and announces that he’ll keep her out of the classroom. Now the larger university needs to say/do something.

Krug will of course hold out for a fat severance check (I’m assuming she has tenure), and she’ll get one, because GW is being ridiculed, every day, all over the world. If GW dawdles, she’ll get a lawyer and threaten a lawsuit. She likes to make noise.

And no – despite all the histrionic self-cancellation language in her bullshit letter to the world, no way will this woman have the decency to leave GW. She’ll plant her ass there until they pay up. She’s got a long life of vileness ahead of her, and will need to subsidize it.

Margaret Soltan, September 4, 2020 3:06PM
Posted in: hoax

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