Serious Christians don’t like fakes – especially fakes who boast prominent crosses.

Some of Peter Wehner’s language about trumpworld suggests a cosmic convergence between the prez and the woman of the hour, Jessica Krug. He points out that Trump’s morality is “Nietzschean … characterized by indifference to objective truth … and disdain for the powerless… [He is] an institutional arsonist… a conduit of chaos.”

Trump, who’s in trouble with the squeezy-eyed laying on of hands people, should dump dull Pence and get new vp candidate Krug to emulate Madonna and “hang from a mirrored cross and wear a crown of thorns.” This will excite his detumescent base! Now that Trump-fanatics Jerry Falwell Jr and the missus have been put out to pasture, the whole enterprise lacks sex appeal.


Sing it.

Begone, dull Pence!

I prithee begone from me!

Begone, dull Pence!

You and I shall never agree. (2)

Too much of sermons!  Get thee hence.

With boredom thou would’st me kill.

Begone dull Pence.

Thou never shalt have thy will. (2)

Too much care will turn my orange grey

Lord Jesus Veep no more with me can stay. (2)

Russian sluts shall pee!  And I will sing!  
And merrily pass the day.

For I hold it one of the wisest things 
To drive dull Pence away. (2)

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