… a place where her family has roots starting in 1911. Like Myrtle Beach, OC has allowed itself (for stupid short-sighted commercial reasons) to be taken over by anarchic and/or criminal elements; and now that it’s a guns/booze/street fights/muscle car wasteland, there’s not much it can do about it. It’s hard to walk back the destruction of civic life.

The mayor, for instance, outlawed a major car rally for this year, after it spent last year trashing the city and “terrorizing” residents. But the rally guys said fuck you we’re coming anyway. They’re in OC right now, and will stay for a few more days.

In the language of a desperate, last-minute law the city got through the General Assembly, these are the actions that can trigger a $1,000 fine and/or sixty days in jail.

  • Excessive or abrupt acceleration or deceleration.
  • Skidding, squealing, burning or smoking tires.
  • Swerving or swaying a vehicle.
  • Producing an unreasonably loud engine noise.
  • Grinding gears.
  • Wheels losing contact with the ground.
  • Transporting a passenger on the hood or roof.

Weren’t you smart to buy a condo in Ocean City?

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