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‘President Trump on Wednesday released a direct-to-camera video address to the nation in which he called getting the coronavirus “a blessing from God.”’

The hebephrenic-in-chief’s latest announcement reminds UD of one of her favorite essays, Gore Vidal’s 1978 “How to Find God and Make Money.” Gore already knew all about the long-popular fundamentalist Christian claim that getting a dread disease is the very best thing that can happen to you.

Thank God I Have Cancer! by Clifford Oden has best seller written all over it. Arlington House tells us that “When Rev. Oden learned he had cancer eight years ago he turned to God in prayer. He asked God to show him how to cope. Now he is living proof that cancer can be controlled by natural means – without surgery, without radiation or chemotherapy.”

Margaret Soltan, October 7, 2020 7:55PM
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