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‘New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner had pledged $2.5 million to Harvard University in 1998, not long before his son Jared was admitted.’

“There was no way anybody in the administrative office of [his prep] school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard,” a former official at The Frisch School in Paramus, New Jersey, told me. “His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it. We thought for sure, there was no way this was going to happen. Then, lo and behold, Jared was accepted. It was a little bit disappointing because there were at the time other kids we thought should really get in on the merits, and they did not.”

In the wake of Jared lecturing other Americans on how they really need to work harder to succeed, a fellow Harvard grad, from a poor family, enlightens Jared on what it takes for non-rich and non-connected students to get in to Harvard. Read it all.

Margaret Soltan, October 27, 2020 10:24AM
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