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‘ The child-separation policy was definitely the administration’s single most disgraceful policy. Cruel, reckless and stupid — like Trump himself.’

What bothers me most of all … is Trump’s serial trashing of political norms, which wasn’t so much a moment as it was a constant. He’ll be remembered as the president who treated every civil servant as a personal servant, every cabinet secretary as a toady, every critic as an enemy, every enemy as a role model and every supporter as a fool…

I have a hard time imagining that anything Biden will ever do as president will fill me with the kind of visceral loathing I feel for Trump. There’s a difference between disagreement and disgust; between thinking a politician is taking the wrong route to the right destination and thinking he’s taking an insane route to a horrible destination.

Bret Stephens does some pre/post thinking about Trubu.

Margaret Soltan, November 16, 2020 9:11AM
Posted in: Genius of the Carpathians

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