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So that July 27 story was the beginning of my love affair with Jon Ossoff, who has apparently won the other Georgia Senate seat. Jews like UD don’t take kindly to anti-semitism at the highest levels of our national life; I don’t know why, but it just rubs them the wrong way. I gave a generous donation to Ossoff’s campaign minutes after I watched the expanding nose ad, and I’ve given more money since then. Apparently it was well-spent.

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One Response to ““Republican Senator Deletes Ad that Made Jewish Opponent’s Nose Bigger””

  1. Greg Says:

    In addition to the justified moral complaint you raise – on the Pinocchio Principle, Perdue, himself, should be estopped from mentioning nose size. But, in the Stones Honky Tonk Women sense (way predating Mick et al.), perhaps we should be insisting that Perdue’s nose is electron-microscopic.

    Hoping that Ossoff wins by more than a nose, so we can all breathe easily earlier.

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