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UD’s take on QAnon:

She plans on lobbying the Supreme Scrabble Court to make “qanon” a legitimate game word. There are very few q and no u words allowed in Scrabble, and even though QAnon is a proper noun, UD‘s hoping the SSC, cognizant of the paucity of q and no u words, will at least agree to take the case.

Margaret Soltan, January 19, 2021 9:00AM
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2 Responses to “UD’s take on QAnon:”

  1. TGIF Greg Says:

    And let Qanon stand (as just one strand) for all the many forms of gaslighting and obliviousness to the truth of Trump and Trumpism. Now let this be the new mantra:


    I am hoping that, across the country, many interactions such as this are taking place. E.g. so were you the lady with the pink hat and bullhorn? By the way, here are your phone gps records for January 6. Any comments? How was the tour?

  2. Mistaken Greg Says:

    Oops. Among the many pictures of Joe Friday, saying “just the facts ma’am,” I managed by accident to select one with the wrong caption.

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