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When your obscure law school’s only claim to national fame is…

… its honoring of a person who attacks the chief justice of the US Supreme Court as a pedophile, and the last vice-president of the US as a traitor who needs to be hauled up in front of a firing squad and shot to death, you can go one of two ways in response. You can say Hey, that’s who we are, too; ol’ Lin is right that God anointed Trump president for life and the election results must be overturned in Jesus’ name. Or you can take one look at Lin’s one million dollar gift to your school and give it the hell back. As long as a madman’s name is plastered all over your moot courtroom, that’s the only thing anyone outside Macon is ever going to know about you.

Now a course there’ll be hell to pay. Ol’ Lin probably up and sue you and make a lot of noise about the whole thing. His followers will put on their Capitol-Trasher animal skins and protest real loud on your campus and Josh Hawley and Don Jr will be there in coonskin caps raising their fists and getting everybody all whomped up. That won’t be pleasant. But students transferring out/not applying because your law school’s Fuckhead Central won’t be pleasant either.

Margaret Soltan, January 27, 2021 5:26AM
Posted in: jesus thinks you're a jerk

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