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La Vie ‘thesdanienne.

Part of a regular UD series, introducing you to her Bethesda world.

Here’s a house with a twelve-car garage.

Price has just been lowered by $170K, so power up your motorcade and go for it.

Margaret Soltan, January 28, 2021 3:23AM
Posted in: snapshots from home

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One Response to “La Vie ‘thesdanienne.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Ok. As my car says to me from time to time, “don’t get me started.” Let begin with the front porch and suggest cosmetic dentistry. And I’ll stop after saying that, unless you’re running a hospital, or, for some reason, merit the use of a French chateau, a nuclear family doesn’t need a house that big. Not even with Gramps and Gran and the young lady from elsewhere to deal with your kids. Almost not to mention the bowling alley. I, too, have a wine room. it’s just we eat, and I often work on my computer, there as well.

    To turn our brains down toward the zero setting before attempting sleep, Ruth and I often watch home building and design shows. “$100,000 House,” or is it pounds, is often wonderful. Piers Taylor is a genius with design and materials. And he teaches his clients, after a moderate amount of listening. Here is a really lovely video of him discussing his life as an architect and his Invisible Studio, built with friends and neighbors out of this and that.


    On 100K house he helps people do good things with a relatively small amount of money. I also love the the Grand Designs episode (different architect and series) in which an Irish architect builds a beautiful house using two shipping containers. Grand Designs, (Kevin McCloud) houses runs more of a gamut of size and taste; Piers is always modest and creative. Kevin can be a bit much. And he presents the house below a little as if it were the monolith in Space Odyssey 2001. But this is worth watching for the people as well as the process and the small house itself:


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