But in the earlier case of Oxford’s amazing, protracted, attempt to protect/retain Tariq Ramadan, and in the current case of France’s Sciences Po so intently protecting/retaining Olivier Duhamel that the head of the school (who knew all about plausible child rape and incest charges against Duhamel) has just resigned over the scandal, we are afforded a remarkable opportunity to see how elites work, and of course to see why ordinary people hate elites.

[Frédéric Mion] said he was alerted to the allegations in 2018 by a former culture minister, Aurélie Filippetti. He said had no taken action because of the lack of tangible evidence and because Mr. Veil told him it was only rumors.

[Yes, because you can’t have a chat with your buddy about maybe he raped his kid unless you get videotape. Plus a crony told him to ignore it.]

But in a phone interview on Tuesday, Ms. Filippetti said Mr. Mion had called her after the accusations were made public last month in the book and said, “We shouldn’t let anyone think that we knew.”

[Elites lie, and expect others to lie with/for them.]

Ms. Filippetti said the call had “chilled” her.

Back in 2018, she said, she trusted Mr. Mion to “at least” remove Mr. Duhamel from his position at Sciences Po.

“You can’t just sweep everything under the carpet when it comes to something that bad,” Ms. Filippetti said.


Sure you can; sure you can. Duhamel is a big-shot full of fine ideas about compassion and justice; you’re going to dump him because of some no-account fourteen year old kid?

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