We should know the results of the Swiss national referendum on banning face coverings at some point today. Critics are of course right that, although the language of the proposal says nothing about burqas and niqabs, it is primarily aimed at those garments.

Constant readers know that UD supports burqa bans; she has gone into excruciating detail, over many years, about why she does. Although Switzerland doesn’t need a big majority for the referendum to pass, UD hopes that the result is strong enough to continue making the point to men who won’t let their wives and daughters leave the house unswaddled, and to women who for whatever reason believe they cannot “face” the world (all men are rapists so I must be invisible to protect myself; and it pleases God, are the two most popular motives, as attested to by burqa-wearers), that democratic societies firmly reject their world view.

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