… Peter Galbraith’s efforts to reunite Yazidi women and their children (fathered by ISIS men who enslaved Yazidi women), and then return them to their people. But because of what Mustafa Gurbuz calls the “unfortunate… tribalist logic” of the Yazidis, these children are summarily rejected by the group. Wrong blood.

Yazidi elders have refused to let the children join the small religious community, which considers them outcasts who can never be allowed into society.

The decision has left their mothers, already traumatised by years of violence and atrocities, facing a wrenching choice between keeping their children or staying with their community.

And ain’t it lovely to think of a Yazidi woman who has already endured sex slavery, unimaginable other forms of abuse, and separation from her children and culture, now having to enter permanent exile if she wishes to be with her children.

Or she could always watch Yazidi men kill her kids as retribution:

“Even if Baghdad makes an exception in the Iraqi law and legally recognises the children as Yazidis, there is a major risk that these children – especially the males – would face retribution within the Yazidi community for their fathers’ guilt,” said Gurbuz.

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