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Oh how I’ve missed Andrew Giuliani.

There he is again after all these years, a big ol blowhard just like Pa, and it stirred such memories for UD! When, back in 2008, Duke University threw AG off the golf team cuz he’s no good at the game, he sued. He sued Duke for damages plus a promise that he could use Duke’s golf facilities whenever he wanted for the rest of his life, damn you.

In the lawsuit, he acknowledged that he may have misbehaved in February when he tossed an apple in a teammate’s face, flipped his putter a few feet, threw and broke a club and gunned his engine in a parking lot.

A bunch of other players went to the trouble of writing Andrew an email saying they preferred he not return to the team.

With this promising background, the suit was hilariously thrown out by a judge who alluded to Caddyshack among other popular entertainments.

Margaret Soltan, April 28, 2021 4:59PM
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